Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In time you'll drop dead and I'll come to your funeral in a red dress

Hey Everyone!

Magneta is back in the grind, yup new music is on the way. We want to update you guys on a number of things that are going on with the band! We've been really busy with a number of things.


Drake Hotel 4/20 SHOW!

ML will be sharing the stage with Low Level Flight at The Drake Hotel April 20th!! We will be playing our new songs off our upcoming EP. Tickets are $10 at the door and doors are at 8pm. We hit the stage at 9pm.

Hope to see you there! The night is young! Nadia created a pretty awesome poster for the show. Check it out below!

Witch Rock EP

Our Ep 'Witch Rock' has been pushed back to the summer. We felt that it sounded more like a summer record. The title Witch Rock was inspired by Rick and James (our producers) during recording. We sat there talking about music genres and how the EP didnt really fit in anywhere (always the black sheep haha) and so they created one for us,just for fun. We thought it perfectly tied in with the theme of our record, the celebration of our most inner villains. Nothing makes us more curious than a witch. The witch is the ultimate villain. The ultimate bad girl. And we celebrate her, in others and in ourselves.

The EP consists of four singles and will come out on Splendor House Records - our new record label. We are currently working on getting a trailer done for the first single, that should be out by the end of may with the official release date. We are also taking new promo pictures this month with the talented Stephanie Luong. Please view her works here :
Stephanie Luong Photography
She rocks! We'll have those for you very soon!

Now for those of you that asked....
The EP tracklisting is as follows:
1. Burn
2. Good For
3. Leave the light on
4. Lucky

We are looking forward to touring over the Summer, but tour dates and plans at the moment are still TBA. However, once we have set dates you all will be the first to know! We are excited to play the new songs live this friday in Toronto for the first time! We have been working really hard getting our shit together. We are so excited for you guys to hear it!

War Child Canada

We wrote and recorded a new acoustic song exclusively this past March for War Child, called 'Three'. It will be released this Spring on their compilation. We will have more details on that in our next blog.

Splendor House Records

We have just launched The Official Twitter account for Splendor House Records! We will have an Official website for you soon, for now check out our splashpage at
Splendor House

Follow us on Twitter:
SHR Twitter


We will have some cool new merch in the next couple of months with the new official band logo.

Heres the link for our merch site:

ML Merch

look out for some deals on the older inventory in the next couple of weeks!
We are also working on a new website for ML - which will include new artwork. yay!

Thanks guys/ladies! If you have any questions email us at or for more random rants don’t forget to follow us on twitter @magneta_lane :


And dont forget to Like our Facebook page:

ML Facebook


L, F and N

P.S. Sorry for the awful grammar. Typed this uber fast.

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