Monday, February 13, 2012


Hey Everyone!

It has been a while since we sent our last update and we apologize for that! Our band email got spammed and crashed, so if you have been trying to reach us though email and we haven’t replied that is why. We have set up a new email where you can send us your questions or requests:

The band had a very low key 2011 but still a fun one playing TIFF, attending the Indie Awards, Indie Week, touring with Scottish band Glasvegas and a lot of other great moments. We took the time this year to sit down and re-evaluate what we were going to do with our next release. Sometimes time off can be a good thing, especially when making such an important decision. We have written and are continuing to write some new material but have decided on a new single. You guys will be able to hear the new track at the end of March/early April. The exact date TBA only because we are finalizing a couple of details in our plans so we want to make sure everything is executed with great timing.

The new ML single is called "Burn". Our sound has evolved and we are extremely excited to bring this forward to everyone. The Album (still debating on whether it will be an EP now or LP first) was produced by Rick and James of Finger 11. And they have tremendously helped us to grow as songwriters and have been so much fun to work with and will continue to work on the ML release with us this year. The release is being mixed and mastered by Jon Drew who at this point is the 4th member of Magneta Lane and has known us for almost a decade now.

We will also have touring news as the year moves along.

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Magneta Lane is proud to launch it's official Merch Site.We have recieved many requests throughout the years and figured it was about time we were able get it out to everyone. Witch Rock Merch is officially up and running! You can purchase Magneta Lane band tees,pins and cds at the moment. We are working on expanding our inventory and adding more graphic t-shirts, hoddies and more music. We will keep you updated once these items are added! For more information or to get your hands on your very own Magneta Lane merchandise visit our store at...


We also started up our own record label which will be launching soon. After years of trying to find our legs in the musical world of ours we decided that it was time to expand our horizons and put all our knowledge to use. Splendor House Records is proud to announce that it will be releasing Magneta Lane's album titled "Witch Rock" this 2012. We will have more info available on Splendor House Records coming soon. Splendor House's distribution has been picked up by a major label which we are very excited to be joining forces with. We will make that announcement shortly and include information on other artists that will also be on our roster.

Thanks for reading!
Much Love,

Lexi French Nadia

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