Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Distortion is MORE....

Dear Studio Diary...lol
We are in day two of recording the new record. Alot going on! We are finally settled in. In the next week we will be focusing on the songs we think are the chosen singles for the record...The titles are as follows:

1) Burn
2) What are you good for?
3) Leave the light on
4) Lucky

Each song has its own vibe and we are definately trying new things on this record. So far we've done most of the drums. Bass. And will be working on the vox, guitar, more bass and drums where needed...and the little things that add character to each song. THATS MY FAVOURITE PART, weird little noises, effects on vocals or instruments etc. We are really paying close attention to the story telling in each song and making sure you feel it in every riff, chord, crash, beat, word, slide, etc. Today we found a really distorted guitar sound that fit 'What are you good for ' perfectly. It is definately one of the heavier songs on the record. You will see our many faces on this LP.

We are still going crazy thinking of titles for the record. What do you guys think of when a villain comes to mind?... the album is a celebration of our bad sides, our inner villains, accepting it for what it is and gaining strength in that.

Anyway here are some photos of our awesome production team / tech genius : Rick,James and Dave. AND... Nadia and French goofing around haha. We are also happy to announce that Jon Drew will be mixing and mastering the record. Total dream team. We are so stoked to get this in your hands and its only day two!

Stay warm tonight.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Release me, you fool.

Hi November.

Truth be told I hate this month. Always feels like i'm in between something but this year i've taken the opportunity to actually get as much done as possible. Starting Nov 21st we are heading into Coalition Studios and recording the new ML singles. Expect a change, a good one. I'm extremely happy. We continue rehearsal for recording this week.

I'm proud of myself for being more focused this time than in previous years. I cant wait till you all hear the new music! Scratching our heads trying to come up with an album title.

On a random note:

Had the most hilarious thing happen to me recently which i wanted to share cause it was just so bizarre. The other day I was driving home and 5 minutes prior to getting into my neighbourhood i see a million cop cars zoom right past us. At this point we knew something had happened in the area. The police cars disapeared into the distance.Turing onto my street, we see cop cars...just parked...so we are simply going to pass by at this point. Then to our surprise their lights come on. We get pulled over, asked to exit the car, guns pointed at us and had cuffs put on us. HOW CRAZY IS THAT. We have no idea whats happening at this point. They later explain that there was a shooting in the school on our street, and our car matched the getaway car. LMFAO! they search everything and then clear us after 20mins. I have never experienced such a thing but couldnt help but laugh at the confusion that had just happened. Talk about wrong place at the wrong time. Thought that would make you guys laugh. Im not even fucking with you.

Have a great week.