Friday, May 11, 2012

WAR Child Canada - Compilation Tracklisting

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Here is the tracklisting for the War Child CANADA compilation as promised. Look out for Magneta Lane's exclusive acoustic track "Three" recorded for War Child Canada. You will not find this song anywhere else! Release date is set for June 1st/2012! You will be able to get your copy via iTunes!

A lot of really awesome Canadian artists got together to put out acoustic versions of some of their songs, we were so excited to get the tracklisting for this.

All proceeds go to War Child. To read more about this great cause please go here:

WAR Child Canada

Here you go....


Arkells - On Paper
Cuff the Duke - Count On Me
Dinosaur Bones - Sharks In The Sand
Young Rival - The Ocean
Talk In Blue - Maritime
Paint movement - Caught In The Act
The Elwins - Sitting' Pretty
Graydon James - Waste Of Time
Morgan Cameron Ross - Jenny
Birds of Wales - My Lady In July
Ohbijou - Iron & Ore
Rich Aucion - It
Topanga - The Shield
Still Life Still - Tools
The Reason - Come & Go
The Snips - Oh Brother
San Sebastien - In Or Out
Wildlife - Skulls
The Junction - No Road
Magneta Lane - Three
Michou - Celebrate Love
We Are The City - Happy New Year
Spencer Maceachern and The Fabulous Yawn - Song Title TBA

A lot of announcements coming at the end of the month/summer for Magneta Lane.
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