Monday, September 26, 2011

Forgive me Father for I have sinned...

Hey Lovelies!

I know its been a while since i've last blogged. I know I should blog more often. And im going to try to my hardest to get one a week done. Im wrestling my cat right now lol he doesnt like it when im on the computer typing. He knows im trying to sneak something around him and his attention time. haha

Another thing you should know about me is i can be a horrible multitasker but i'm really good at focusing on whatever i have to focus on once i decide where im directing my attention to. I guess there are pros and cons to that. I have a tendancy of disapearing for days, weeks, months..if im focused. Songwriting, catching up with family,friends. Life.

Alot of interesting things on the horizon. More then anything Im really proud of whats becoming of our next record. We are taking risks that ive always wanted to take on a record and i'm so happy to be surrounded by people that are pushing that out of us. Sometimes you get stuck in this comfort zone with songwriting and you become afraid of letting go, or what people will think, or if youre saying too much, but now i can finally say and mean that non of that matters as long as it makes us feel satisfied with the body of work. I want a record that ive completely exhausted myself into and that makes me feel victorious in my own person. With that being said the plan is to have the record out in 2012. With a single out in January if we are on schedual. Right now we have finshed putting together for the most part the ideas for the record,we are arranging the songs with R&J and heading into the studio in the next couple of months. They are honestly sounding the way ive always wanted them to sound in my head. Sometimes its hard to translate something from your mind to recording especially if you have too many ideas going on at once. Rick and James have given us that extra push that we've always needed and sense of organization in my mind.

I've also recently fallen in love with home recording - best thing ever!!! What a sense of freedom! Which reminds me, after i'm done this blog i need to record a couple of things.

I've been procrastinating this weekend since I had a birthday celebration on saturday and my mother came back from her vacation from Mexico just the thursday before. Its been a very eventful weekend! We are also in the middle of moving. Going to be living in a new townhouse with nads which im super excited about.Life is changing but life is good. Its funny but in the last year ive realized that I LOVE CHANGE. I dont know if its something my parents conditioned in me - moving homes every 3 years as a kid or just something in my spirit. Change usually scares people but i embrace it. Even if its sudden change i just prefer it. Theres nothing worse than stagnation. The easier it is for you to embrace change the easier it is to get by in life and the more you enjoy it. I can honestly say it excites me. The only thing that stands in the way of people moving forward is fear. Sometimes yes its circumstance-but you can either a) let the circumstance get to you and use it as an excuse or b) try to get through the brick wall and find your way over it, even if it hurts. I prefer b).

Amongst all the change, i've also really started getting into the lyrical aspect of the record. I've started taking on a more viscious character which is really fun. And I can almost already sense a theme in the lyrics going on. Its about our most inner villain. Everyone has one. Even the nicest people, they have an inner villain. When you hit their limit, test their patience, your inner villain will say or do something that will get that point across. I love villains, in movies, in music. Wicked Witch of the West is one of my favourites. She probably had her reasons haha. I have a villain, we all have one. And this record is lyrically a celebration of that. That we are all people with flaws, and sometimes messy emotions, bad thoughts, impulsive reactions, THATS OKAY.... BUT you can use your inner villain for something positive.Our inner villain is our fuel. That villain is courage, it's fearless, its honesty, its raw, its true to who you are, it's your truth, its your dark sense of humour. Its you.

Since my birthday just passed and I've been thinking more and more about that subject, about how everyone has two sides i had a thought: Its not about a good or a bad side and picking which side is the right one. Its about balance. Finding a balance of both if it makes you happy and surrounding yourself with people that love you for you and are okay with that. Thats my form of happiness.

It was funny cause sitting amongst my friends and loved ones on saturday night i got this sudden feeling of being so blessed knowing all the wonderful people i know. And how in some hilarious way we found comfort in being bad and hilarious together for one night.

I have this sudden feeling that everything is possible in this next year. More than ever. I dont know why.

Anyway i'll leave you on that note, since im behind on a million things including my laundry. haha

Stay positive.


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