Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A little inspiration...

Hi Friends,

This is blog post number two. And yes it still feels just as uncomfortable as the first one, i feel like im already saying too much lol.

Okay so whats been going on? lets see... well... we have two shows this weekend that we are really pumped about. We havent played in Ottawa and Kingston in ages and are working something out for Montreal most likely for December.

We also continue to write and think about the new record.One of the hardest and best times for a musician is the songwriting process. Its fun and its a headache. My favourite part is recording it and hearing it back. Sometimes there are songs you loved at first and then you cant stand within a week. why? i dont know. It's hard to explain but it's not complete until youre like, " okay i can live with this, it makes me feel something"...maybe its accomplishment? excitement. a rush. satisfied. I dont know. The hardest critic i have is myself. I know that i'm not the greatest musician in the world but that was never my goal. I wanted to make people feel things through lyrics.I wanted them to find strength in that.

My grandfather was a writer and a diplomat. He had a double life. I feel like that sometimes. I feel like i really knew him even though i never met him.He did what he loved but he always had a plan. Rational but a dreamer. Thats how i consider myself. I dream ALOT... i want alot. everything, actually. I can be selfish but i put alot of other people first. Big dreams, big love, full life but in the end i know whats right and whats wrong and im not willing to go against what feels right....to me. All you shouldnt either. Thats probably my biggest battle everyday in general. The two sides. Being right or being wrong. I realize that i cant have one without the other. I'm both. My grandfather would have been a kindred spirit for sure. He was killed before i even met him. With that being said...writing means the most to me. His words mean alot to me. The words.

So now.... this week i got a great surprise, it was a sign to me that i was somehow on the right track with the way people felt about the songs and THAT inspired me greatly. I got an email from a young lady named Veronica from Belleville and she explained what our music meant to her. It was one of the most inspiring gestures we've ever recieved to date. And i'm honoured she would pick one of our lyrics to carry with her for days to come..

"My name is Veronica. I'm 23 years old and I live in Belleville. I've been a fan of yours for 5 years now, when I first saw "The Constant Lover"on Much Loud- [which as you can see has had this muscially sagacious effect on me] ( well, heard "Cheap Linqustics one night randomly at a some party the year previously) when I was having one of those adult/naieve/nerotic experiences in that time of my life which now I look back on and realize I could of been a slightly disengenous.

Where I made some recent and drastic changes in my life this past year- getting out of long/appreciated relationship, moving to help out back home, being far away from family and friends for so long. I find your music just being that much profound for me as much now as it was 5 years ago.

I really hope you don't find this obsessive. Thats the last thing I want. I think that you ladies are/an amazing band/musical genuises and I feel as if you singing about me. It's music like yours that inspire the uninspiralable and people should be able to get that from music.

Please contine to create this amazing music you do. I'll be looking forward to see your show in Kingston... I think what I've been trying to say is Thank you for keeping me grounded,sane and appecitative."

Anyway I wanted to share that with all you. It made me happy. A little teary eyed not gonna lie!

I remembered I wanted to tattoo some lyrics on my wrist a long time ago. I'm too indecisive and ever changing that I dont have the balls to do it yet. But one day i'll muster up the courage to get one. I just dont know right now. Its also because i havent found something i want forever and i dont trust myself. only sometimes.

Heres for you guys in Ottawa and Kingston. Hope to see you there! We are giving out some free swag to the first person that comes with three friends to the merch table on friday and saturday night. See below for details...

And best for last of course...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Best dad ever!!!

love you lots.

P.S. I've decided im most likely NEVER gonna correct the grammer on these blogs. Its just WAY too much work im sorry haha xo

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