Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First blog. REAL BLOG.

Hey everyone,

Okay so i decided to start a blog. A REAL blog. I've been told a hundred times that I need to be a little more personal with all you. There's something I can't stand about reading blogs or posts with people over publicising their life. I really do think that some things should be kept personal and it absolutely makes me nervous at the thought of being emotionally exposed. If i'm going to do this blog thing i want to use it for some sort of good. Blogs should be for sharing positive things. Music, books, travel, memories, life lessons, quotes and things that keep you up. And even if at times the content is a bit dark it should be to inspire not to bring down.Dont you all know that misery loves company? I have an absolute fascination with human dignity and when you over expose yourself i feel like their is none left.Or maybe its just scary to me. Talking about myself and my thoughts right now is making me extremely anxious. haha

For starters: I have a rather dark sense of humour so i hope you guys will take me with an absolute grain of salt. I wanted to stay away from blogs for a long time, cause im extremely opinionated and perhaps wanted to save you all the headache haha. I'm very hard headed.

Okay well I guess I should probably tell you what i'm up to these days and how i feel about it right?

haha okay here goes....

I'm at work right now listening to Slow Show - The National, such a great song. Nada Surf is also on the playlist as well. I really do admire that band alot. Great pop hooks but always themselves. I'm not gonna lie i could REALLY use another coffee. I fear i may be a coffee junkie though so i'm sticking to water for the rest of the day. 2 cups is enough. for now.

I'm currently writing and demoing the new Magneta Lane record with France and Nads. If you've been reading our online communities we also were super pleased to announce our new production team. Rick and James of Finger 11. Great and creative, humble guys. I'm so impressed with how they've taught me to look at things in a different way in a studio. If you listen to our two bands seperately, we are completely different... but the one thing that brought us together and made us join forces for the record was the fact that we are fans of the same music. 90's music. Demoing with them has been a blast. It's like we share the same brain when it comes to the new songs. I'm excited to get into the big house studio and of course, get the record out to all of you. Getting to know them i've learned that its always the guys that are the most kind, humble and real that have the most successful music careers. I think that says alot about the way life works. Always be thankful and kind and humble with others and life has a funny way of rewarding you. Just some food for thought.

In the meantime, i've been trying to find ways to take over the world LOL joking! A friend of mine always jokes and calls me the Brain, like in Pinky and the you guys remember that cartoon? haha classic. I dont know whether to take that as a compliment but he's pretty funny. Anyway...I decided to use my spare time wisely and start my own record label. I was gonna put it off till after this record was released but i figured i have all the tools, i learned alot in the last 8 years and felt like why the hell not!

It's called : Splendor House Records. I'm looking for 3 acts to take on right now, as i wont be able to take on more with everything thats going on with the record and home life. It's gotta be something different. Acoustic,piano, indie rock, electro, whatever as long as it makes me want to put the work into it. If you think you have something special, email me here. I'm working on getting the site up for it. I wanna hear tunes! :

At the label, we want to also show artists how to run their own shit and teach them about how the music industry works. For those that are young especially, you can't let people take you for a ride. I want to prepare the artists with how they handle the business side of things as well. I can't stress this have to be well informed about your craft on stage and off stage.

Anyway i have to go back to work and stop procrastinating. I'm laughing cause this is the second time I'm typing the same blog, last attempt erased everything. haha

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmth. I apologize for the run on sentances, and AWFUL grammer. Have you seen how long this thing is? if it really bothers you, then YOU correct it. kidding.
love to you all,



  1. Stoked to see you in blog world, looking forward to reading up on your adventures xx

  2. Very sweet that you started a label. It would be awesome if you covered some of that kind of stuff on the blog! It's good stuff to know.

    The blog sounds good so far.

  3. Was really nice to hear from you in the blog world keep writing and ofcourse i remeber Pinky and The Brain (Nort)