Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too! "

Hello Bloggers.

So much for the once a week blog? haha I swear i'll get there. Want to talk to you about a bunch of random stuff recently happening in my world. Last time i blogged was right around my birthday.

First of all, Holy October! seriously fall is the best season in the world. I could never live in winter full time or summer, fall is just right. For me anyway.

I like the colours in the trees, the pumpkin spice flavoured everything, apple cider, and the anticipation of halloween. Honestly Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos is my favourite time of year. I'm sure its quite obvious. Ive always had an infatuation with the cultural aspect of it, to me its better than Christmas. Theres just something more spiritual and supernatural around this time of year. My favourite subjects. I'm in the middle of trying to decide what im going to be for halloween, last year i was a nun. I just thought it was hilarious. I mean, i was raised Catholic and I love Catholic art and rituals but i dont take myself very seriously. I believe in a bit of everything when it comes to religion. I think only you can define that for yourself.

Tonight will be a 4th attempt at costume shopping. I find it really hard now adays since everything looks really skimpy. When did halloween turn into a lingerie fashion show??...i think we are missing the fun of it now, the innocence, i wish i could go trick or treating still. What a bummer. Seriously. I do everything i can during this time of year so i feel like im super involved in it, we went to the pumpkin patch last week. We went to a pre-screening of paranormal activity 3 lastnight (which was really good, most decent horror movie franchise now adays, you have to watch the first two though), we'll be carving pumpkins soon, and we are going on a ghost walk out of town the sunday before Halloween. I forgot to mention that they previewed this crazy looking horror film lastnight called The Devil Inside. Holy Shit the trailer itself was AMAZING. Im such a kid. Total Horror movie nerd. I remember in elementary school, i actually use to hangout in the girls bathroom and wait for girls to come in and make them say bloody mary or candy man three times. Most of the time theyd run off crying. What a horror. lol SO MEAN. I would never do that anymore... actually depending on the situation....kidding!

Okay so on to grown up stuff haha...the record writing is coming together. We played indie week in Toronto this last weekend. WHAT A GOOD TIME. We met a band from overseas called the Suburbians, really down to earth nice guys and another band from here called the The Reason. We played two shows in total this past week. The first was at the Gibson Showroom Rocksmith Launch event. Very cool new guitar video game, check it out if you havent! We got to play it for a bit. Its so funny cause i was soooo horrible at it haha We ended up covering two songs which were part of the game...The Cure: Boys Dont Cry and Blur: Song 2. The guys from the other bands were gracious and kind enough to sing the woohoos on the song! it was so much fun, i felt like such a shrimp on stage cause im really short and the guys were all like 6ft something so funny. Then on the Saturday night we played at the Horseshoe for the Epiphone/ Monster Cable night. Definately my fave live venue in the city. Everything is so loud! love it! but the crowd was great, it was nice to see some old friends and make new ones. Thank you to all who came out! That'll probably be the last Toronto show for a little while since we'll have to focus on the record in the next couple of months. When the new record comes out, we will be focusing on touring south of the border, we really want to get down as far as LA! im so sorry after all these years we've really stuck to the north east side but trust me when i tell you, this record will take us down there. Be patient. Thank you for all your support for so long, I know we've made you wait long enough.

On the subject- We will be heading into the studio in November to start recording the album singles.
We'll have one ready for you in the new year. I'm also preparing for the launch of my label Splendor House Records. I've recieved some really great emails from people. Thanks for your support! I'll keep you guys in the loop when i have the site up and running, for now im just trying to concentrate on getting back to some writing notes before we head into recording. It's been so busy these last couple of weeks.

Also at the end of the month Im going to be taking part in the ShowUp Vaughan Benefit Event. I'll be one of the talent judges. Its October 27th at the RH Performing Arts Centre. Proceeds from the show will go to the Shining Through Centre for Children with Autism. Go here and see how you can take part:

Anyway on that note, Happy October everyone!

I'm going to leave you (especially young ladies running the world) a trailer to a really awesome doc that's airing tmrw i believe on the OWN network. Its called Miss Representation and it was passed down to me by Mo Sandoval on facebook. Check it out here, it looks awesome!!

Happy Harvest.

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