Monday, April 22, 2013

In Bloom

Hey guuuuuuuys!

Hope you're all enjoying the beginning of what looks like Spring with a mood swing

We wanna say thanks to everyone who's been following the Witchrock release and for all your kind emails and positive energy. You are all so amazing, we want to hug the shit out of you.

We wanted to film a small little video blog for you guys today but felt camera shy ( girls with serious bad hair day sometimes... know what I'm saying? haha )  but next one we promise it'll be a vlog.

Here's a quick update on what we got planned next...

As you know last month we shot the music video for 'Burn' with the amazingly talented Aaron A. Thanks to The Field and Muchfact for making the project possible. The whole concept behind the video is basically talking about how media affects young people in today's world. Something we've become very passionate about and especially young girls. I say girls because we are girls but this applies to all young people.The more I sit and think about what we digest on a daily basis and the examples we get out there - the more I believe its important to be your own role models in a world where everything gets pushed down your throat and doesn't necessarily relate to any of us in a realistic sense. It doesn't matter how young you are.Challenge what you see. Ask Questions. Know your greatest potential and never settle for less or for being a version of something else. Never give in. You are your own greatest example - know your worth.

The video will be out next month and is just in the editing stages. We are so excited about it because its unlike any video we've ever had the chance to make.

Since back from the week of tour with Rich and K-OS earlier this month, we've had some time to start diving into some songwriting for what might potentially be a full length or a slightly longer EP. It all depends how the next couple of months play out with schedules but you will have something new by the end of the year.

Once the video is out we will hit the road. Stay close for the announcement.

Anyway we leave you with this and its pure awesomeness...Nirvana live at the Paramount.
Happy Monday.
xx Lex, French, Nads

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