Friday, December 14, 2012

New EP "WitchRock" - Why the title?

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since we last blogged. So I figured I'd get my ass to it because I wanted to share with you guys why we named the album WitchRock. Its important that you understand... It's not meant to be a contrived thing.

For this EP we were so blessed to get Rick and James to work on this album with us. We have so many of the same musical tastes - its crazy. We love those guys. We love them for understanding our message, our sound and most importantly our sense of humour. Just like our listeners. You guys who know us through our music, get it. We love you for that.

For the longest time ( almost 10 years now to be exact) - ML has always had a really hard time fitting into a genre (genres are bullshit lol). And sometimes we find it really hard to answer the question when we get asked - What are you?

Our response would be.. we are a rock band? indie rock band? I dunno.

We are 3 best friends (sisters really) who play music together and who are completely self taught. How do you categorize that? People are always so serious when they ask us that and we just crack jokes.

In the studio we were recording the album and the sound was changing and taking a life of its own. Again we were faced with having to put ourselves in a category... FUCK. lol

We sat there and scratched our heads thinking, "Well we don't even know what to call it anymore"

Being quite the satirical bunch that we are - Rick and James exclaimed "WitchRock!"... we had a good laugh. The genre was created.

We were finally part of something that was ours and now yours. And we hope you guys enjoy the journey with us.

For those of you who don't know the inside story...People ask us if we are witches all the time. Constantly.

We believe in a bit of everything.

Here's the new album trailer... ENJOY!!

Happy Holidays!

X  Lexi, French, Nadia

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